Frequent questions

Can I join without having previous experience and/or knowledge?

Of course! At CodingSTEAM, sessions are personalised and tailored to your current level. Depending on the activity you signed up for, we will assess your skills and teach accordingly. We are always available for you to make any inquiries and thus prepare you to start in the perfect conditions!

Are vacancies limited?

Yes. As this is an elite service, vacancies are very limited. The academic year 2021 to 2022, we had a total capacity of only 36 students. To accommodate the high demand, the following year we expanded our services to 94 students. Previous students and pupils on the waiting list will have preference this year in September 2023 to continue their STEAM journey. Total number of availabilities this year may be reduced as we begin to offer more online classes.

Who will be my teachers?

We are a pair of passionate mentors, teaching how we would have liked to have been able to learn. We are engineers that have been professionals in today's industry, recognised, published and successful, motivated and eager to teach under these new models of education. You should get in touch if you want to get to know us before attending the sessions!

How do I get in touch or sign up?

If you are not a student yet, the best way would be to have your parents or legal guardians send an email to contact [at] If you are already a student, you also have our personal emails in the top right corner of all of your handouts.

Can mentees contact us outside of scheduled mentorship sessions?

Absolutely! Mentees can contact us outside of scheduled mentorship sessions as needed to ask questions, seek advice, and receive support. We encourage open communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goals.

What is the methodology like? What makes your tutoring and mentorship service different?

We offer a personalised and innovative approach to learning, in person or online. All in-person students will belong to a group of a maximum of 3 other pupils. Online, we also offer one-on-one sessions outside of school hours. We will tailor the session to your interests and current level, and help you advance with all your projects, clarifying all your doubts during and after each class. We employ the same concepts and tools that current professionals and academics use daily, to generate a real-life learning experience while making sure the time spent is engaging. Our core values can be seen represented in the benefits we provide, as we believe in the value of an engineering mindset, deep understanding, creative thinking and efficient use of your time. We teach according to each student's current ability, not just depending on their age, as we feel that would be underestimating our students. For example, in our coding activity, we do not use Scratch, so you will see other kids as young as 6 years old writing actual Python code. We also provide a supportive and collaborative learning environment that fosters creativity and use a range of teaching methods and techniques, including real-world examples, interactive technology, and collaborative projects, to help students connect their learning to the world around them.

What can mentees expect to learn and gain from the mentorship program?

Our mentorship program is designed to provide mentees with a range of valuable skills and knowledge, including subject-specific expertise, critical thinking skills, creative problem-solving skills, and time management skills. Mentees can also expect to gain confidence, motivation and to develop important connections and networks in their field of interest.

Is there a pre-entry exam?

No. Depending on what you have chosen to learn and your current experience, we may give you a foundation in STEAM and a language like Python first. If you do have previous knowledge, we will give you a few fun challenges as an overall assessment of your skills.

If I already have basic knowledge, is it worth studying with CodingSTEAM?

Absolutely. We can mentor you all the way throughout your development, help you create an incredible university application and online portfolio, and prepare you for the interviewing and hiring process. In fact, a significant percentage of our mentees are high-hability students that need that extra challenge. With our methodology, in addition to incorporating technical knowledge, you will learn to work to a high standard and integrate all the techniques, tools, and technologies to become a well-rounded professional.

What kind of commitment is necessary to be mentored at CodingSTEAM?

You decide the speed at which you want to learn, so you will never feel rushed or not challenged. To make the most of our sessions, you may want to practice outside of class hours, but that is completely optional. To do so, all you need is a computer with internet access and that's it: you can now study from your living room! I don't know if STEAM is for me or if I'm going to enjoy the sessions. You can always attend our open days and/or join a free trial class to experience the methodology before signing up.

Do I need to buy anything to be able to join the CodingSTEAM?

No, all the equipment is provided during the session.

Are there any legal requirements before joining online sessions at CodingSTEAM?

If you are a minor, we will need to speak to your parents or legal guardians, so we can send them a simple consent form. We work with the utmost transparency and child protection is critically important.

How do you measure the success of your sessions?

We track student progress and outcomes, including academic achievement, standardized test scores, and university and career readiness. We also solicit feedback from students, parents, and their school teachers to continually improve and refine our services.

What programming languages do you teach?

We teach most high-level programming languages, including but not limited to Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and more.

Do you offer any coding or robotics competitions or hackathons?

Yes, we offer competitions and hackathons throughout the year to give students the opportunity to apply their skills and showcase their talents.

What robotics equipment do you use?

We use a variety of robotics equipment, including Edison and MakeBlock mBot Robots, and Arduino and Raspberry Pis, to teach robotics concepts and principles.

How do you provide feedback to students and parents?

We provide regular feedback to students and parents through progress reports, parent-mentor conferences, and other communication channels. We also encourage open communication between students and parents to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goals.

Do you offer online tutoring sessions?

Yes, we offer online tutoring sessions for all of our subjects and activities (except Electronics and Robotics, as we consider these need a face-to-face approach). What online platforms do you use for tutoring sessions? We mostly use Google Classroom, Replit and GitHub to conduct our tutoring sessions.

Do I need any special equipment or software to participate in online tutoring sessions?

You will need a device with a stable internet connection, and (optionally) a microphone, and a camera to participate with ease in online tutoring sessions. We will provide you with instructions on how to download any necessary software.

How long are your online tutoring sessions?

Our online tutoring sessions can vary in length depending on your needs, from 30-minute quick help sessions to a full morning or evening (usually, we would not recommend more than 3 hours of session time in one day).

Do you offer any discounts for online tutoring sessions?

No, we do not offer discounts for bulk purchases of online tutoring sessions.

Where are the face-to-face sessions held?

For now, these sessions are only available to King's university La Moraleja students. We teach in different classrooms, depending on the student's schedules. You can always ask in the school reception if you would like to speak directly to any of us.

Do I have to do any homework in between sessions?

This is completely optional. As we tailor the sessions to you, you are completely free to choose whether you would like some extra challenges for you to focus on in your own time.

Can I bring 3D-printed parts for the Robotics activity?

Absolutely! We can also print the 3D models for you at school. Just let us know what you have in mind! We encourage the use of all kinds of technology at CodingSTEAM.

Can you help me design a 3D model to be printed for Robotics?

Of course, get in touch with us and we can work together on transforming your idea into reality.

Will my work be published or made public?

Only with your and your parent's or legal guardian's consent. As you can see, there are already a few bits of our student's work on our website. We also publish submissions we receive to the school newsletter, once or twice in the school year.

Do you offer any guarantees for your tutoring services?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee for our tutoring services. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your tutoring sessions, we will work with you to address any issues and ensure that you are receiving the support you need to achieve your learning goals. However, success is ultimately dependent on the dedication and effort of the mentee, and we work closely with each mentee to ensure that they are making progress toward their goals.

What is the cost of tutoring services?

The cost of tutoring services varies depending on the subject, level of complexity, and the number of hours required. We have a breakdown of our prices here.

How do I pay for tutoring services?

We use Stripe as our payment processing platform, so we accept most forms of payment. You can pay for tutoring services online with what suits you best, such as credit cards, PayPal, SEPA direct debit, and wire transfer.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that schedules can change unexpectedly. You can cancel or reschedule a tutoring session up to 24 hours before the scheduled time without any penalty. However, if you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, you may be charged for the session.

What kind of interview preparation services do you offer?

We offer interview preparation services for a wide range of purposes, including university admissions, internships, and job interviews. Our services include coaching, practice interviews, and feedback on performance.

How do you help students with university applications?

We provide personalized coaching and support throughout the application process. This includes guidance on essay writing, resume and portfolio building, and interview preparation, as well as assistance with researching and selecting the right schools and programs.

What kind of support do you offer for standardized tests?

We offer a range of support for standardized tests, including GCSEs and A levels. Our services include personalized revision, guided mocks and teaching proper exam technique. We also provide test-taking strategies and tips to help students improve their scores.

How do you identify and work with gifted students?

We identify gifted students through a range of assessments, including standardized tests, teacher recommendations, and our own assessments. Once identified, we work with gifted students to provide them with advanced coursework, individualized learning plans, enrichment activities, and opportunities to explore their interests and passions. We also encourage independent and self-directed learning and offer specialized resources and support to help them reach their full potential.

How do you address the social and emotional needs of gifted students?

We address these needs by providing a supportive and collaborative learning environment that fosters creativity and innovation. We also provide opportunities for gifted students to connect with peers who share their interests and passions, as well as access to resources and support for addressing issues related to stress, anxiety, and social isolation.

How do you collaborate with parents and teachers to support gifted students?

By providing regular progress reports, offering guidance and support for addressing any issues related to academic and social-emotional development, and fostering open communication between all parties involved. We also work with parents and teachers to develop individualized learning plans and identify opportunities for enrichment and advanced coursework.