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We have included the best aspects of other coding courses and put them into our course offerings.

Core Coding

Learn the core industry of the XXI century

What Courses Do We Offer?

Competitive Programming Course

A powerful course which covers techniques for attacking and solving challenging computational problems in which the Fundamental algorithmic and Domain-specific techniques will also be covered.

Python Foundation with Data Structures

Learn how to program in Python and get ready for a career in data science, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. Big companies like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Quora, Youtube, IBM, among others, use Python for rapid prototyping.

Computer Science Fundamentals

What is the theory behind the way computers store and manipulate data? In this course, we will go over binary mathematics, algorithm analysis, data structures, and sorting algorithms.

Popular Coding Languages


The sequel to C, the pioneer of the modern world’s most used programming languages, C++ is not going to be redundant in decades to come.

R Programming Language

Aimed at aiding complex statistical analysis and solving redundant graphics programming, R is one of the top programming languages reining in these past years.


One of Lisp’s two main dialects, Scheme is a multi-purpose computer programming language that takes a minimalistic approach to system applications development and aims at extending the core with powerful language extensions.

Small Tips to Learn Coding Faster

Celebrate Small Victories

Coding is all in the details, which is why you need to “celebrate small victories,” as one of our programming professors put it.

Google your error messages

This is our best piece of coding advice: If you can’t figure out why your code is broken, you can always look for solutions online.

Hack someone else’s code

When you reverse-engineer someone else’s code, testing each line to see how it works, you get a better understanding of the big picture.

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